"I have been training with Sina since 2013 and over the years she has helped me, among other things, with training plans for the Vasaloppet. I have come back to her with various requests for training and diet plans. I have followed her from the various gyms where she was active when I really think she is a great PT. She peps up, adjusts and adapts to my needs at the time. Both depending on the day's shape and where I am in life. Sometimes I ask her to be nice and then she still makes me lift heavier than I've ever done before. Sometimes I've even lifted heavier than Sina! Sina is not only a super committed, knowledgeable and serious PT but also a very funny person, sometimes you get an extra workout in your stomach from all the laughter during the session. Sometimes I think also that her name is not Sina but Saida, because it feels like she has a sixth sense that I'm about to cheat with exercise or food and then an encouraging text message arrives at just the right time. Thank you Sina for all the help and support over the years! "Johanna - 51 years old, Business Manager


"Sina is a very talented and inspiring PT who is both knowledgeable and well-read. She is educational with a holistic approach to training, diet, lifestyle, etc. After we sat down and discussed goals with the training, she put together an adapted training program for me and then we went through all the exercises with a focus on correct execution. It has worked very well for me. Firstly, I noticed early results from the training, but above all it has become more fun to go and train and therefore it is easy to motivate myself to go to the gym regularly. I would definitely recommend Sina to anyone who wants a personal trainer to take their training to a higher level." Oskar - 46 years old, Cardiac surgeon


"Sina always provides a professional approach, delivers both in terms of knowledge and needs-based service. Sina sees the whole person's needs in training, both for body and soul, which are adapted and flexibly laid out according to the daily needs at the time of training. Sina's patience, pep and positive spirit means that despite my low motivation before, I always experience a positive effect after each PT session. When I'm out of shape, I still always want to meet Sina." Gustav - 27 years old, Stock economist and ex-footballer


"Sina was an amazing PT who helped with both training schedule, diet and motivation. I was looking for a PT who could help with the whole, not just the machines in the gym, and Sina did not disappoint me! We laughed, sweated and fought together. Despite that I am done with my time with Sina, what she taught me will stay with me for many years!" Lina- 24 years, Student


"Sina gave me so many aha experiences during my training period with her. Sina looks after the whole person both physically and mentally. Sina's training and guidance did so much for me. I live in a completely different mindset now!! Sina's positive and patient mind gave so much motivation. Of course there are sometimes moments where I fall, but quickly pick myself up. The training does me so much good both in the body and in the head." Eva-Lena- 52 years, Development Manager


"Had the opportunity to train with Sina a few times and she is very responsive and knowledgeable as a PT. She always finds exercises that suit the client's wishes and motivates them throughout the session." Filiz - 47 years, Relocation consultant


"Knowledgeable, committed and challenging. Makes the training fun and varied. Went through both training and diet plan. Individualized training."Stefan - 50 years, Support engineer


"I've been training on and off all the time, but since March 2020 I've been training with Sina. Sina, the best PT in town with a positive attitude, smart, flexible and talented! She's fully committed! I've had many PTs, but Sina's knowledge of food is extremely high.She got me to my dream goal in a few months, eternally grateful! I've been able to keep it up with exercise and diet the whole time, she's always there when you need advice and tips! She's AWESOME! Thank you !"Faranak- Self-employed with a love for training and Sina


"During my weight training and diet journey (-23 kg), Sina has been a fantastic support. She sees the customer and gives advice and tips just for me. Sina has also shown a fantastic side to listen and support even if it is about a question unrelated to training. If it comes down to hiring a coach again, Sina is the obvious choice." Günter - 57 years old, Technical teacher and Lean coach


"When I met Sina, my goal was to look at my wedding cards and feel that there was the best time of my life. Sina helped me shape my body the way I dreamed of. She pushed me to test new limits. After her support, I could both jumping on boxes and daring to do both chins and arm walks. That then sparked an interest in crossfit and weightlifting. It wasn't the kilos I lost, but the groundwork and the joy of the gym that I won. Several years later, I have a basic physique that I have Sina to thank for She is driven, thorough but with a big heart and genuinely interested in you seeing your success!" Emma- 38 years old, Teacher


"I can highly recommend Sina as a PT and nutrition advisor. She has many years of experience, is responsive, good at cheering you up, both on tough days and days when you can handle more than you think. She also sees the whole, not just a beach shape in the summer without a healthy way of life for better health without "just eating salad every day". I like that you really get to go your own way at the level you want and can afford. Just great!"Sanna- 40 years, Restaurant owner