In accordance with the Data Protection Regulation/GDPR, we want you to know that if necessary we will register information about you during your stay with us and when you use our website. We do this in order to give you a safe and good experience with us. Under no circumstances will Coachdora sell your personal data to other companies or use it for direct marketing or automated decision-making and profiling. The Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to: get access to your personal data get incorrect personal data corrected get your personal data deleted get your personal data restricted move your personal data, so-called data portability object to the processing of your personal data submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority if you believe that your personal data has been handled incorrectly by COACHDORA AB, but of course we prefer that you contact us first with any complaints, then we will try to resolve the issue together!Even our suppliers, consultants and partners undertake to comply with the Data Protection Regulation and our policy for handling personal data by entering into a so-called Personal data agent agreement with us. In this way, you can always feel safe with your digital privacy with COACHDORA AB. More about the Data Protection Regulation Last updated: 9 February 2022